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Hi Guys. I’m a big fan of switching constantly on/off the SNAP TO OBJECT in layout. Just like in auto-cad, I shortcut the command on my side mouse button. (Very useful) But in layout, there is no way I can see if this command is on or off… I would like a simple tiny little monitor somewhere, perhaps in the bottom menu bar. It’s something common in most software. THX!

DEVELOPMENT: I figure that you can put the snap icon in the top menu bar but it doesn’t works well with my shortcut. I can switch on/off the command by simply click on the icon (great!) The icon switch gray when it’s off and green/red when it’s on. But when I switch it from my mouse side button, the icon switch only when I use it, so there is still no way to monitor the switch action. It’s like the feature is there but not functional yet…!

MORE DEVELOPMENT: You can always access the command on the right click contextual menu but there is still a hitch with it: When you are over an element, the contextual menu is different. (cut, copy, delete…)You have to be over empty space to have the good contextual menu… (paste, Object snap) This is not workable at all as you are most of the time over an element. You need to zoom out constantly just to switch the snap command. I would suggest to add in the element contextual menu, the command snap option. Again, there is many way to access the command, but no one works for me!

Agree. A flag on the status bar for Grid and Snap toggles. Also an indicator for the active Layer name.

Actually there is. You add the “Object Snap” button to the toolbar. (Or a new custom toolbar.) I myself, always add the “Grid” and “Snap” toggle buttons to the overhead toolbar.

The toolbar buttons when Grid and Snap are on, (they are both colored):

The toolbar buttons when Grid and Snap are off, (they both go monochrome):

ADD: Also the Grid Snap button is another good one to put on the overhead toolbar.

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Hello Dan, read my post upthere, the toolbar button is nice, but doesn’t work properly. The switch happen when you use it, not when you send the command.

I DID because I said:

I am on Windows 7 and the buttons work correctly with commands.

Pressing CTRL+/ toggles Object Snap and the button changes to show whether it is on or off. Pressing CTRL+' toggles the Grid and the button changes to show whether it is on or off. (Not to mention that the entire drawing area will be filled with blue grid.)

If you do not like the buttons fine, … don’t use them.

I post the information above for other readers who do like buttons.

Oh that’s weird! When I toggle the grid, the button change but it does’nt change on the Object Snap… It only change when I release the mouse of selecting something. Sketchup 2016, on windows 7… Could it be a bug??

I DO like the buttons… if it would works properly!!


Did you leave the shortcut as is, … or did you assign a custom shortcut ?

Are you running the 32-bit or 64-bit edition ?

64b. I reassigned to F3 (so I can have it on my mouse side button) But even when I reassign to Ctrl+/, the problem is still there. There is something weird with it. The Button does toggle but when I clic next to it, onto Grid snap, the object button toggled!!! If you need, I can do a small vid.

OK, I see. Yes there is some lazy UI refreshing happening (or not happening, actually.) I would consider that a bug.

LayOut uses Dot NET I think. Are all your updates up to date, for Microsoft dot NET runtimes, and C/C++ runtimes ?

@yogesh @Marc ?

hum, last update for NET is 10 days ago!

Hi Dan, Jonathan-

Can you double-check that you’re running the newest version of LayOut? (2016.1)? I believe that I fixed this bug for the 2016M1 release. (bug #LO-10711)


I see the expected behavior, Mark.

In this GIF I’m switching states with keyboard shortcuts.

I’m on 16.1 64-bit, and it all works fine for me. I only see it in Jonathan’s video.

Hey guys, Problem FIXED!!! Big thanks… I updated to 16.1 and the button now toggles. So this is no longer a feature request.

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Actually, having a real status bar is still a valid request.

Gurus would rather turn off the “command help bar” at the bottom and use that space for a real status bar like most other applications have.

We still do not know what the active layer is, … unless the Layers panel is visible, which it cannot always be. Many drawing applications have both grid and snap indicators, (which are also toggle buttons,) on the lower status bar. Some also indicate CAPS and NUM lock, sometimes Insert / Overtype mode.

There are also a number of SketchUp specific view toggles that would be nice on a status bar. The problem with LayOut toolbars is they take up too much space compared to SketchUp toolbars, at least when large icons are the setting. When small icons are set, the toolbars are the same size as in SketchUp, but the icons are way too small and hard to discern.

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I’m 100% agree with you.

I’m inclined to agree with you, I’ll +1 that feature request and link this thread for future reference.

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It might smell of AutoCad, but I agree. +1


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Actually add in every spreadsheet app I ever used, every word processor, every code / text editor, every IDE, every CAD application, every graphics and paint app, every database, etc. etc.

Even the Windows file explorer has one it calls the “Details pane”. (Which I have to turn off because it’s bugged on WIn7. And I miss it, I like when it displays the number of items I have selected, etc. But MS will likely not fix it.)

The only “kind” of application I don’t see one, (or miss them,) is the late version web browsers. I think they may have had one in the past where web link URLs were displayed when you hover over them, but nowadays that feature is a popup (which makes sense.)

That because the all world wants to look minimalist like Apple product. Huge lack of buttons. That’s a nice touch for my old mom who wants to see less as possible. (She loves her new iPad interface) But for working software, gimme more, gimme more. I need to know. It’s like driving a car without dashboard clusters.

I also like having the option of hiding it. In some rare situation, I want a very simple screen, mostly when we project the sketchup model on a big screen for a meeting. My customer don’t want to see pdf anymore, they want to walk into the model.

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