Arrange object snap off, a short cut?


When placing text, signs etc in LO it often is convenient to toggle snap on and off - but I only find “On” in Preferences Short cuts?

How is it possible to turn the default On to Off by a keystroke?

(By the way, I’m loving it - SU & LO! I even make a living from using them as tools for event planning)


I don’t use a shortcut for that purpose but is it not a toggle, ie. click once for On and again for Off?

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Sorry, I was a little fast there…

What I mean is that there is a short cut only for Object Snap On.

I also want a short cut for Object Snap Off.


I’ve just tried it and it works exactly as I suggested. I set up O as the shortcut. I then drew two rectangles. The default was Object Snap on. After I pressed O I could no longer connect the two rectangles using object snapping. Pressing O again turned it back on. In other words , it is a true toggle switch. Like a light switch in fact. You don’t need separate switches to turn the lights on and off.

Cool, thanks!

I must have some finger trouble here, I’ll check it out.

Thanks again


If it works for you, please mark my last post as a Solution. Ta.

There are also Snap toggle toolbar buttons you can add to the toolbar.
(There button images change to indicate the status. Their under the Arrange menu commands.)

Thanks but I really meant my last post before that one since that was the relevant one!