Object snap on/off while drawing

Anybody use a hotkey to turn on/off object snap after initiating a line? Imagine you want to place an arrow from a text object that points toward some doohicky in a viewport. You want to snap to the vertical center of the text, so you start the line with object snap ON. Then, after initiating the line, you want to use a hotkey to turn OFF the snap so that you can freely place the other end of the line (the arrowhead). I skipped 2023, so I can’t speak to how that worked, but coming from 2022, this was possible. In 2024, calling the object snap on/off resets the line tool, thus breaking this functionality. Now you have to draw both ends of the line freehand, or both ends snapped, and then pick one end or the other and move it to the precise desired location. Would be great to have this restored in a future release.

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I’m glad you mentioned it.
This new behaviour is SUPER annoying and makes it virtually impossible in some scenarios to snap/align to intended directions.

It’s definitely something that I think and hope Trimble will look in to urgently.

I don’t recall this happening in 2023, it seems to be a new issue for 2024. Using different graphics engines and monitor settings doesn’t seem to resolve it.


Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. It appears that this is an issue only on Windows - macOS is not affected - and specifically only when toggling object snapping. We will look into fixing this as soon as we can.

Sorry for the inconvenience,