How to update SketchUp pro 2021 to Mac Sonoma 14.3

I updated my Mac to Sonoma 14.3 and since then my SketchUp pro 2021, version 21.1.331 says that I have NO access to extension warehouse and it crashes all the time.
I have tried to update the SketchUp to the latest version but it would not even open, it is not responding, I have to force quit it.
I can still use my 2021 version but it is very limited.
After reading your forum, I realized that I should probably update it to the 2022 version but I do not know how to do it since it is only suggest to update to the latest version that is obviously does not work on my Mac.
Please hep! Thank you

The Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse haven’t supported SketchUp 2021 for quite a while. SketchUp 2021 doesn’t support Mac OS 14.3 so it shouldn’t be surprising that you have issues. There is no update for SketchUp 2021 that would solve these issues. You would need to update to the current version of SketchUp. The Warehouses and other web-based services currently support SketchUp 2024, 2023, and 2022 but to get suppport for the latest Mac OS you’ll need to update to SketchUp 2024. If you have a currently active subscription it’ll just be a matter of downloading and installing SketchUp 2024. If you had the old Classic license, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to be able to use SketchUp 2024.

Thank you Dave, I do have an active subscription, I tried downloading and installing but I cannot open it. It says software not responding. I did it few times.
I also read that the 2024 version does not run on Sonoma 14.3 and people downgrading to sketch-up 2022.
I wrote to Sketch up support and they replied:
I appreciate you getting back to me. Are you On MAc OS SOnoma? Many users on OS Sonoma are experiencing issues. SketchUp is not currently supported on macOS 14, Sonoma.

Exactly what did you do to install it? Where did you get SketchUp 2024 from?

That doesn’t make any sense. OS 14 was released late last year. SketchUp 2022 does not support 14.3 SketchUp 2024 does. You should probably look at this website:

When did they tell you that? Was it actually SketchUp support or someone else?

It is from
The email is from February 2024

That is from before SketchUp 2024 was released.

I will try again. Should I make complete uninstall or just go through the software.

Just download SketchUp 2024 from Download All | SketchUp | SketchUp and install it.

Oh wow! it works! Thank you!

Great! And you’re welcome.

Now please update your forum profile since it is incorrect.

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