How to update from version 17.2.2555 to 20.1.228

I need to read a file produced by another designer but I can’t load it as the system says I need to update my 17.2.2555 version to version 20.1.228. However my free version says I’m using the latest update when I try to update using the HELP >> CHECK FOR UPDATE on main menu. Is there anyway I can read the file using my version please.

Anthony Howlett

The latest free desktop version you already have. SU will not offer update for higher main numbers.
You can download the latest paid version from here, and probably you can use 30 days trial:

Or you can use the online version:

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Yup, this is the way. Just open it up in the free web app. It’s by far the easiest solution for viewing/exporting a newer file.

There is this extension:

It would allow your 2017 to open files from 2020. It actually converts the file to be a 2017 version.

THank you guys thats very helpful and I can now read the file