How to unsubscribe from SketchUp Shop and get a refund?

Dear Staff,

I chose the Sketchup Shop plan thinking it allowed for the satellite map based 3D terrain generator, but to my disappointment it didn’t. Would it be possible to cancel my subscription and get a refund please? Knowing that I only subscribed yesterday.

Thank you

Contact customer support at

You could switch to a SketchUp 2019 subscription to get the terrain data.

Dave meant to say that you could upgrade your Shop subscription to Pro, that would include the desktop application, which does import terrain data.

You do currently have a 30 day trial of SketchUp Studio, you could install the desktop version and try out the geo location features, to see if it’s worth upgrading:


Hi, incredibly sorry to disturb. I am a student from Singapore. I recently sent a request seeking for refund from an accidental purchase of Sketchup Shop, paying 119 USD, on Saturday. I have not used any of the products or features from Sketchup Shop. I sincerely apologise for my mistake, being unaware of the free trial made available to me already. I genuinely hope i can get a response and refunds back as soon as possible, as i am facing some financial strains at the moment. Incredibly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Did you contact SketchUp through the link in DaveR’s post?

yes but i havent gotten a response yet

The SketchUp office just opened (about 30 minutes ago). You should be hearing something soon.

Hi, sorry to disturb again. I haven’t gotten a response back and am wondering when will I get one. Will a refund still be possible?

We do see the four messages you sent to us. The customer service manager is taking care of the refund.

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For anyone curious how this went, the refund happened first thing this morning. Alas, we are very busy these days.