Impossible refund

I took a classic sketchup subscription except the content doesn’t suit me so I’d like to get it REFUNDED BUT CAN’T FIND HOW OR CONTACT ANYONE! I HAVE 14 DAYS TO BE REIMBURSED AND I CAN’T FIND ANY WAY TO DO IT IT’S SCANDALOUS!

It is scandalous that you didn’t scroll to the bottom of the main page at and click on the Contact Us link and then contact the Sales department. Of course it is now after hours and the start of the weekend so they probably won’t see this until Monday but they will help you out then.

Why bother to answer? Whoever this is, is just a troll.

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I checked, and you only bought the subscription two days ago. When support sees your message on Monday they will still be able to do the refund.

Here is a direct link to the support page: