Bought this yesterday, Need a refund today. Won't work

Bought this yesterday to open a purchased woodworking plan. Plan won’t open, keep getting a trial expired message. Removed older versions and nothing works. Gone pretty far downhill in my opinion. Not worth the frustration. How do I get a refund. Contact methods are designed to deflect customers with problems. What a POS

Maybe because my native language is not English, but I do not understand exactly what you mean?

Can you please explain what you bought? What you want to open? What message you get exactly? (Screenshot?) What was that (and the version) what you removed? Are you talking about SketchUp or Extension? To whom and how did you tried to contact and what problems you are faced?
What this sentence means?: “What a POS


“What a piece of sh**.”

What you bought yesterday is the Shop version, which runs in a web browser. You should be able to start a new model and drag the woodworking plan into the model in the browser window, to import it.

If you were convinced to buy SketchUp because of what you did during the trial period with the desktop app, and find that the web version doesn’t do enough for you, you could upgrade to SketchUp Pro. To do that you would pay the difference in price between Shop and Pro, and then you would be able to use the desktop application without seeing the trial message.

If you want to get a refund, fill in this form with your order details, and ask for a refund:

What woodworking plan?