How to Ungroup Sketchbook Pro 2019

I just upgraded to SP 2019 and was grouping a bunch of stuff together. I can’t seem to ungroup it, as the only option I can find is to explode it. I can cut the group out that I want at a higher level and paste back in at that higher level. So that is my workaround for now.

Is there no ungroup function? I could have sworn there used to be… Maybe I am confusing this with another program…

Explode is the ungroup function. It’s always been that way. Grouping is like putting a clear wrapper around the selected stuff. Exploding the group is taking off the wrapper and throwing it away.

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Got it, Thanks DaveR

Also remember to make sure it’s on layer 0 after you explode it if the group was on a layer other than 0.

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