How to trim multiple objects at once? Are there any plugins to do so?

Say I have this pattern:

pattern.skp (512.5 KB)
Each piece is a solid group, and I want to trim them. But of course I could just trim them one by one, but it seems so tedious.

I’ve looked everywhere for a solution or any plugin…I’m still learning so I could have missed some simple tricks :roll_eyes:

Found the solution myself. Just had to explode the pieces and then make them into one group… :slight_smile:

If the individual herringbone rectangles are solid components, you could keep them as components using Eneroth Solid Tools, and an external rectangular cutter to Trim the edges off.

Unlike the native Solid Tools (only in Pro) Eneroth’s keeps individual components after the operation. The native solid tools turn every trimmed component into a Group, usually all called Difference.

Zorro plugin can do it easily…

If you want all the groups to remain as solids you can use Fredo’s VisuHole.