How to cut multiple objects (aka "Solid trim" on a range of objects)

I was making a garage with a sloping roof and felt the procedure of cutting my facade boards (along the top, according to the slope) was suboptimal.
I did it with solid tools - the Trim alternative, but had to click each individual board.

In my illustration, you see the solid I used to cut with above.

I feel there should (could?) be a more efficient way t do this than manually clicking each object - I ended up with some 60-100 clicks to accomplish this (counting both sides of the garage).

Any suggestions, other approach? An extension that could do it ?

Thanks in advance.

Zoro2 is a good option for that sort of thing, combined with Fixit101 to heal the cut so they all remain as solids.
Both available at sketchucation.

I agree that it would be very handy to be able to select a number of groups as well as just a single one, either as the cutter or the cut items.

Seems like it ought to be feasible. It would just require a way to tell the tool when you are finished selecting the first set, finished selecting the second set, and ready to go. Of course, this would likely cause the execution time to explode, as the complexity of most solid operations grows combinatorially based on the amount of geometry that has to be examined.

With Curic Face Knife

You can always just use loose geometry within a group.
GIF 9-01-2022 2-59-34 AM

Yes, as this video shows using the extension @mihai.s highlighted, it can take a while.

Looks very neat. The illustration is very helpful. I will try it out :grinning: !

This one (too) looks like a perfect solution. Will try it out :ok_hand:

Yes, right, possible, however I sort of like each facade plank to be its own object.

I seem to recall Eneroth’s Solid Tools doing this batch trim operation.Yep, found it.

In this example I select a bunch of 2x4s, click on the Trim Tool and then click on the cutting object.
bulk trim

Click here to visit the Extension warehouse page for the Solid Tools

or the Github release page

Yep, this did it too !