How to trim Complete solid?

Hello. This is my first post in SketchUp Community and I wish you all happy new year :slight_smile:
Yesterday, I started to use SketchUp. I have no experience with 3d modeling so far, but I faced the chalenge. I am designing an enclosure for some electronics project, which includes Arduino nano and Wiznet W5100 Ethernet module. My enclosure will have couple of openings for connectors. So far, I learned how to use basic tools and I already drew bottom of my enclosure with holes and holdings for pcbs. But now, when I am almost finished, I realized that I made everything too high. Now I don’t know, how to trim down everything to desired dimension. If I use scale tool, holes in my design scale down too, which is not what I want, but I just want them to move along with everything else.I hope you guys understand, what I am trying to say and what is my problem. For better picture, I included two photos of my design. On second image, two pcbs are at their correct hight, but walls of enclosure and supporters are too high.
I hope you guys will know, how to help me. Have a nice day.Untitled.pdf (307.9 KB)

Most likely you can selected the stuff that’s too high and use the Move tool to move it down. Without seeing the SKP file, it’s impossible to give more exacting information.


As DaveR stated, by moving only the geometry (faces and/or edges) that make up the top of the supports, you will manipulate the shape and height of the support itself. Understanding how all geometry interacts together is part of the learning curve.

In the attached gif, see how raw geometry can be manipulated to fix the height problem. The later half of the animation shows how the use of components can speed up the process. In both examples, I use inference locking to force movement in the Z direction



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Thank you everyone for your help. I used move tool and managed to solve the problem. I had to delete some objects and draw them again, because it was totally corrupted and I couldn’t solve it anymore. But thanks anyway, I finished my case.