Reduce the height of a model

I have a model 2500mm high and I want to reduce it to 2250mm high and keep the spacing between the spacers on the vertical struts the same (1250mm less 125mm), and also horizonal dimensions.shouldn’t change
I realise that I can’t use scale (I think) because it will e.g.reduce the gap between each of the 4 struts so I assume I need to use the move tool in stages but this looks v. tricky. Thanks.
Frame.skp (176.7 KB)

You can use the Move tool to move selections of components down the required distance. Due to the way you have the nesting done you’ll have to do it in several operations. For the verticals on the legs you can either edit the component, select the top and move it down or use Push/Pull.

There is a lof of unneeded nesting in your model and the top panel is just loose geometry in side the parent object. Your model could be done a whole lot more efficiently without all this nesting. That would make it easier to work with the model for making these edits.

I reworked your model without the nesting. Here’s the process of making it shorter. Move for most of it, Push/Pull for the vertical members of the legs.

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Thanks - I’ll give that a try, I’m on sketchup free so don’t have access to the outliner which I guess would make dealing with bad nesting practice a lot easier! Can I just explode all my groups and components?

Outliner would certainly make it easier to see the nesting.

You can explode top level groups and components but don’t explode the very bottom level ones. Then you’ll wind up with a mass of loose geometry. Each piece that would need to be cut in the shop should be a component. All the vertical leg elements can be instances of one component definition, each of the short pieces can be instances of another component definition and so on.

Thanks all working ok now - thanks for the really great advice

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Something to keep in mind, people often get caught by this and over complicate things because they worry how to move the complex top down, shorten the legs. Yes you need to move the knee pieces too but I just mean sometimes you need to look for the other option.
In this case you could use the scale tool on the legs (without the knees) without changing any dimensions. @DaveR has shown you the best way, I’m just showing you another skinned cat.

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No demo here.

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