How to thicken bent planar sheet to 3d

rectcover2d.skp (10.3 KB) rectcover2dbent.skp (17.0 KB)

I have used sketchup make to draw a 2d object that eventually will be formed from sheet metal (first figure). I then bent the object as it will be when formed from sheet metal (figure 2). How can I thicken the latter to the correct thickness? When I firs thicken the planar sheet and then try to bend it as desired, strange things happen at the bends (possibly because the are too sharp).


Joint Push/Pull from Sketchucation would probably do what you want.

Leave it to an expert to know the best way! Thanks for your expert
advice. I wasted a lot of time without much success.


Dave, Does joint push pull work withe sketchup 2017 make free?


Yes it does. You need to make sure you’ve also installed LibFredo6 which contains support file on which Joint Push/Pull is dependent.

hi Dave,
I have mirrored an object and want to join the two pieces in Sketchup Make 2017.It appears that layout has that function but it is only for pro. Is there a way to do it without layout? I have tried doing it using move but it is very touchy.


This is confusing. I’m not sure how LayOut would help with this. If you show me what you’ve got, though, I can give you an idea of how to deal with it.

Hi Dave,

I have made a copy of the one object and used scale to mirror it. Now I want to connect the two pieces.rectcover2djoin.skp (20.9 KB)

You mean like this?

Just select the geometry and move the one side over to the other.

There is a bit of a bad spot at the lower end that I erased.
rectcover2djoin.skp (32.3 KB)


Yes. When you move one over the other (using select and move) what did you do to make them line up? I tried to do it manually and there was always a bit of an off set because of the sensitivity of the mouse.


I just grabbed the selected geometry by a corner and moved that to the corresponding corner on the other. Although you can grab it by any part, it’s always easiest to grab by a point that has a destination.

Generally it is better to do your modeling with the camera set to Perspective. Save Parallel Projection for exporting images.


I used parallel projection to print out an earlier flat version to check the length and bend angles.
Thanks for the perspective and corner move tips.
How can I repay you for all your help?
You have saved me tons of time.


I’m getting low on various adult beverages. :crazy_face:

No worries. Glad it’s sorted for you.

Where do I send a paypal tip?

You really don’t need to do that. I definitely appreciate the thought, though.

And you didn’t have to take the time to help me. I just want to pay it forward.

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One good deed deserves another. :slight_smile:


When I bend my 2d object rectcover2dtab.skp (10.9 KB) diagonal lines appear as part of the bend.rectcover2dbent.skp (17.1 KB) If I try to erase them it removes part of the face. I am including the 2d object and the bent version. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Jerry,

Does this look like what you are wanting? In your bent model it looks like you were rotating on the bend lines.

rectcover2dtab bent.skp (21.1 KB)

Select the stuff that needs to move during the rotation, get the Rotate tool, click on the end of the fold line and hold the mouse button while you drag the cursor along that line. That’ll orient the Rotate tool correctly.

when you get those diagonals, Sketchup is telling you that the edges of the surface aren’t coplanar so it had to make triangles to keep the faces.


If you click on one of your faces it will show two parts just as in my bent piece?