How to share a drawing


my.Sketchup made my day. However, now I need to share my drawings with everyone I know. Since Sketchup is now a web-standard, this should be possible. How do I share? Shouldn’t my drawing have URL I can pass around? I think my friends should load the drawing in a “viewer” that has panning, zooming, maybe walking. Also, I’m going to need to be to integrate RESTful calls into sketchup components, for example, I click on a tree and I get information about it’s species, water needs, and maybe links to other components in my model. Consequently, I would like to have plugins that I develop (in javascript I assume) load with my drawings… This way, my.sketchup will be my front-end UI!

And this leads to the next future feature: collaboration. I hope to pass my models around have have friends make adjustments…


Model sharing is definitely on our radar, but it isn’t quite working yet. The key problem is actually not in SketchUp, but rather in the back end where my.SketchUp stores its models— Trimble Connect.

Hopefully we’ll have something new to share on model sharing soon.



You could post your model to the 3D warehouse. Once uploaded, you can add the url of where the model ends up on your model page to an email.


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