How to set up SketchUp Pro 2018 on new laptop

Hi there.
I own the program of SketchUp Pro 2018 outright and have it on my laptop and my husbands laptop.
I have recently just purchased a new laptop. I am trying to transfer SketchUp onto my new laptop. I have removed the licence from my old laptop (as only 2 computers can have the licence). When trying to add my licence onto my new laptop, I keep getting a message saying
“Bummer, It looks like you’re offline.
You must be online to add or remove SketchUp licenses. Please try again next time you are online”.
I am connected to the internet, so I’m not sure why it keeps saying this. When I rung SketchUp for help, they said that this is very common with the 2018 version.
Can any one please help me out as I have no idea what to do now and really need Sketchup set up so I can continue working.
I have rung for help but unfortunately as its the 2018 version, no one can assist me and they just try to sell me the latest version that is a yearly subscription. The 2018 version is perfect for what we use it for. I just really need some help as I am not tech savy at all.
Thanking you kindly in advance.
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Thank you for that information. I think I have figured out how to change the url from google to bing - but once I go to save the Notepad edit it says "C:Program File/SketchUp2018/Resources/en-US/i18n.dat You do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission.
Any thoughts? I don’t know how to edit that Notepad file as an administrator - by running the Notepad file from the start menu as administrator, it only loads a blank page. I cant seem to edit and save the i18n file.

Further down in the post I linked:

“Some people have had a permissions issue in modifying the .dat file. An easy solution is to right-click on Notepad, even in the Start menu, and use the run as administrator option. Then it seems to be able to edit the file and save changes.”

Thank you, I just saw that in your reply. Unfortunately when I right click on the Notepad app from my start menu and click run as administrator - it only loads a blank screen (a fresh screen to type). There is no option to open the i18n file in Notepad as an administrator so I can save my changes.

The blank notepad should have a file menu at the top that will allow you to choose, file/open.

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When the Notepad has been opened go to File>Open

Make sure the All Files (.) selected beside the File name field
Then brose in to the file mentioned above.(i18n.dat)


OMG!!! I could literally cry. I DID IT!!! Wooohoooo. Thank you so much. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you, you are an absolute legend. I was so worried that nothing would work and I would have to upgrade to a yearly subscription program which we honestly just do not need for work. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to assist me with all my questions (most of them silly as I do not know my way around computers at all). I so appreciate you and your help. Thank you again :slight_smile: