How to seamlessly project an image across multiple planes? (mac)

I’m trying to project an image seamlessly across two flat surfaces, however my method is not producing the right result (as seen in the attached image). The image is distorting on one of the surfaces.

My method: I created a sample surface with the chosen image texture and set it to ‘projected’ under the texture contextual menu. Then I took a texture sample from the projected sample surface and tried applying it to the two selected objects.

Please can someone tell me how to do this correctly? :confused:

For that I wouldn’t use a projected material. What you are showing is exactly what projecting the texture should do. Instead, apply the texture as non-projected.


Thank you! That worked!
I positioned and resized on one wall first before taking a sample of that to apply to the second wall.


Thank you, that’s also helpful to see!

Texture sampling though is not so intuitive on a mac, it took me a while to figure out that the texture-eyedropper is hidden under Paint bucket + Command

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Keep your eye on the bottom left statusbar. It will give you clues of the active tool:

What to do next, which ‘modifier keys’ are available, etc.

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