Right way to project this volume

Hi everyone sketMasters!

i don’t found any way to project some texture ( like this example what i was created manually) in this rotated face per code… i have de crop (image) and the united edges to generate face and rotate them but… i dont know how projected… pls help

Perhaps this ?
Class: Sketchup::Face — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation
Then apply the projected material onto the faces in the surface ?

right!, i see that method before, but i don’t know how apply this in my case, because this method is only for faces and not for rotated faces, or array of them. well also i’m very noob in this, but i think if i can select all the entities of the bottle ( my case) i can project my texture…

You are trying to project the whole bottle It would be better to give the bottle (glass) its own texture and the cap wrap too. Then it will be better to just project the label only. this is an old tutorial but it gives the basic technique

@whiterabbitdesigncompany thanks for u reply, but i know this technique, and it’s not so good for my purpose Because it does not generalize, in the sense that one must have a priori knowledge of how the model is. The idea is make this technique (project the whole bottle) in code… but thnks for u comment

OK. Sorry for confusion. Good luck with that !
I am curious from the image you sent is why you would want to project the front face of a bottle around the whole bottle, as the label, glass highlights etc. will either stretch to fit 360, or will repeat themselves if less than 360, unless the mapped image is an unwrapped UV, which in your example it doesn’t look like? SU texture mappinghas always been a tricky one.

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