How to scale multiple components at once by retaining their thickness?

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I hope my topic title is descriptive and not confusing.

How to scale multiple components at once by retaining their thickness?

I want a tool/method to scale multiple components at one go by length from the “section plane” in the picture but don’t want to scale their thickness – which happens if I use the regular scale tool

Select all objects You want to scale. Use Scale tool from Toolbar. Hold Ctrl and scale with control point’s/boxes.

You want the walls parallel to the section plane to retain their current thickness? The native Scale tool won’t do it by itself but you could use Fredoscale for that. The section plane wouldn’t be needed or useful for that scaling, though.

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Thank you roju for your input but that method doesn’t work as I want to retain the current thickness of my components.

The “section plane” in my picture (not the tool) was just to illustrate from where I want to “scale” or let’s say “extrude” my components.

Really Fredoscale is capable of that? Thanks for the advice. I’ll check that out.

5min later:

Wow great! Fredoscale “stretching” is doing the job nicely. Thanks Dave!

15min later:

The only trouble is that it’s not possible to specify a lenght via the VCB, well guides as reference work too but that is not as handy as typing in values in the VCB.

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You should spend some time with the user guide. Look at Sketchucation


Yes indeed, was good that I have spend some time with the user guide, theTAB key does the trick.

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