How Do I Scale A Section of a Group or Component, Rather than the Whole Shape?

I would like to know how to scale a section of a group or component, rather than scaling the whole shape.

For example, if i draw a window and then copy that to a bigger window opening, i would need to scale the window to the size of the opening, but i would need the thickness of the window frame to stay the same, and the length of height to increase.

When i use the scale tool I can make the length of the window increase if i wish, but then the window frame on both sides gets wider too.


Basically, you make the component unique, open it for editing and use the Move tool to move the required parts of the frame.


you can also make a dynamic component, or find some in the 3d warehouse, that will allow you to modify the window attributes and easily re-set its size without changing the frame dimensions

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Move tool, not scale tool.

Open your window for editing, drag a selection box to select the geometry you want to move, then use the move tool to move that side of the window over to fit. The connected geometry will stretch to fit and the thickness will remain unchanged.


If you want a faster method: @Fredo6 has FredoScale plugin with a tool called box scale to target. Stretches the top and bottom frames while leaving the side proportion of the frames intact.


This is perfect thank you. At first it didnt work but i was clicking and dragging to select from the bottom. It appears it only works if you click and drag from the top.

It should work from any side. Beware that some window models may have smoothed edges in them that prevent selection of all entities you want. Turn on “Show hidden geometry” in order to make the move in such a case, so all edges you need can be selected for the move.