How to save sketchup file into layout to look the same?

hey guys, trying to do something simple and it’s just not happening.
have a file in sketchup, its a floorplan. and i want to save it and reopen in layout yet lines seem to be missing.
it doesn’t show itself as being the same from what i view in sketchup to what is shown in layout.

uploaded screen shots from both programs, i dont know it you guys will be able to see it.
any help would be great though.

How did you insert the file into LayOut? Did you set the viewport to render as Vector? Are you using a sketchy line style? It’s difficult to tell in your screen grab. If so, you don’t want vector rendering. But you may need to set the Output to a high in Document Setup.

Upload the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got and give you a definitive answer.

jaimies base plan 3.skp (342.5 KB)

here is the file ive been saving.

How about uploading the LayOut file?

This is what I get with Display Resolution set to High and if you look at the PDF file, it looks fine. You probably don’t want to work with Display Res set to High all the time because it can slow down rendering. Leaving it set to Medium will most likely work better and it doesn’t reflect the output resolution, anyway.

Edges.pdf (158.1 KB)

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