How to save file on desktop

Hey, i need some help or advice on how to save and export the modells im working on, when i try to save or export this message pops up when i save ii in a folder.
(The popup says: it didt find the file, check the filename and try again)
First time i have used this program so im new to this hehe👌🏼


My first two thoughts are:

  • does the path to the file exist in advance? SketchUp’s save won’t create a new folder.
  • do you have adequate permission for every stage of the path?

Another possibility, did you install SketchUp correctly by right-clicking the installer (NOT SketchUp itself) and choosing “Run as Administrator”? That is not the same as having administrator rights yourself or logging in as the main administrator. Installing in other ways can cause all sorts of strange errors.

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Im not sure if it exist, because i cant save anything,
But i know I forgot run the installer as administor but i will reinstall and do that! And hope it will fix some minor bugs/problems that i have experienced.
Thanks for the help!

You don’t need to uninstall first. Just run the installer again (as instructed) and choose “Repair” from its options.

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Okey, im trying it now.

As a side note, I see you changed your image from the original you posted.

In the original you were attempting to save as “untitled”, which SketchUp offers as a file name by default. Saving as “untitled” is a bad idea.

For example you model a house and save it as “untitled”. Then model a car and save that as “untitled” and confirm the overwrite prompt. Now your house model is overwritten by the car, the house is lost.

It’s all too easy to lose your work, so always give your models a custom name before you save them.

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Yea iknow, i have tried changing the name everytime i save something, i didt change the name now because i wanted to show that i couldt save the file. But thanks👌🏼

It worked After i repaired in the installer again, thanks alot for the help​:grin::ok_hand:t3: