How to resize


i just installed for the first time a free version of Sketchup Pro (as it was the only one available for Windows 86) it’s a 2016 version, i’m having a hard time trying to find how to do this:

Basically on my 2016 version i can’t use the numpad to change the dimensions.

How can i change for example a 330220 rectangle to a 350250 rectangle.


Tried the scale tool, to, but it didn’t help i think it’s for another use…


Or as seen here:

He type 500 and here he is cube is growing ^^

OK just find it ^^

I needed to hold the mouse…

I doubt that, in general , it is best to:

  • click for starting point -
  • hoover in a direction and watch closely how the VCB alters (what units, what seperator, which dimension is greater?)
  • Then type the dimensions you would want the rectangle to be and hit Enter.

Alternatively: click- hoover in a direction-click
And then Enter the dimensions followed by Enter

Yes, i wasn’t entirely sure of what i did to make it work ^^

Can you help with something else maybe, i’m trying to make a sketch for a computer case and i would like to know if i can do something like this in sketchup:

Especially the vslot rail.


Jack, you can only do that with a vacuum cleaner. If it’s more like a helicopter, it’s hover!


As @MikeWayzovski has written, you can input the dimensions of a rectangle while you are drawing it. You can change your mind and enter new values provided you don’t draw anything else first.

Not that it has anything to do with your main question, but please be aware that there is not and never has been a free version of SketchUp Pro 2016. You can download installers for both Make and Pro for free. Both start off with a limited trial of the full Pro version. But at the end of the trial period, Make deactivates the Pro features, while Pro demands a license key and ceases to work unless you provide one. If that isn’t what you are seeing, you must have a pirated copy!

Ha, I wish my hoover hovered like my mouse!

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Figured out how to import models, but seems pretty complicated, also found on a live tutorial how to create vslots, seems complicated too, but at least i will be able to adjust them at the right size. Maybe i’ll fond out how to resize the imported ones, in the meantime i made some progress regarding my case. It’s fun but takes a lot of time…

And yes by free i meant trial, sorry ^^