Editing object dimensions

I am currently trialing Sketchup pro 2021 (vn 21.0.391) on Windows 10 Pro. I have watched a number of tutorials and in a lot of cases, the tutors appear to be able to change an shapes dimensions using the dimension box on status bar (lower right). However, in my case, this dimension box on the status bar cannot be used to make changes and appears to be non-editable.

Should I be able to make changes to a shapes dimension in this way?

Yes, if the tool you used to draw something is still active.

But not if you have clicked somewhere to start the tool again, or started a new tool.

For example, using the rectangle tool, start the rectangle with a click, drag it out in roughly the the right direction, click to draw the rectangle.

Before you do anything else, you can then type two numbers for length and width (or width and length) separated by a comma or semicolon depending on which is the separator character in your language and keyboard setting. Then press the Enter key.

You can re-type the numbers if they are either in the wrong order, or not the value or values you intended.

If you originally typed x,y and pressed Enter, then realise it should have been a different value for y, but x is ok, then omit the ‘ok’ value - for example ,new_y, or the reverse if y was ok but x was wrong.

Dimensions of your previously created geo can also be edited, by selecting the geo and going to Entity Info. Works for arcs, circles, unconstrained edges…

thanks. that helps.