How to Resize the Component Blue Borders

Cold Frame (1).skp (663.1 KB)
You see in the screenshot some oversized blue borders of some components. I remember seeing somewhere (but I don’t recall where…) that they can be made tighter around the components. How can I do it? I made scenes, cutting lists, and it would have been easier if the blue borders had been straight and tight. Some of the components in this model are angled but not all of the borders are oversized. How did I manage to twist and oversize some of them.

Haven’t looked at your file yet but it loos to me as if you need to right click on a component and choose Change Axes. Then orient the axes to align with the geometry of the part.

That did it. I had to first hit the visibility of some other components so I could see where I wanted the axes. They resized tight. Thanks again.