How to remove the large blue selected box around an object

I find it I make a 2x4 for example, then make it a component or group, and then rotate it significantly. Whenever I select it from then on the blue select box it huge encompassing way more than just the object. I believe this can be reduced by changing the axis around the object, or something. How do you do this? Thanks.

It sounds to me like you’re opening the group or component for editing and rotating the geometry inside the wrapper. Don’t do that. Rotate the group or component instead. Select it so it shows the blue bounding box and rotate that.

Not sure what you mean exactly but here is what I’m doing. I’ll make a 2x4 and then make it a component. Then I right click and choose “edit component”, then I triple click the object, then I rotate it. From then on when I select the object the blue box is as big as the rotated area. What am I doing wrong?

You just described exactly what Dave said Don’t do.
Just rotate the component without opening it for editing.

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That’s exactly what I expected you are doing and what I told you not to do. Do not edit the component before rotating. Just a single click on the component so its blue bounding box is displayed. Rotate the component, not the geometry inside.

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Well, after I made the 2x4 component I made 14 copies of it. So how do I rotate it and have all the copies rotate also if I don’t edit component?

Which way do you want them to rotate? Are these rafters or something? You could select them all and rotate them en masse. You could have rotated before you made the copies. Lots of different options depending on the exact situation.

yes rafters. Next time I’ll do want you suggest. For now I guess I’ll just live with the big blue box, it won’t be a problem will it?

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You can change the axes on the component so they align with the geometry. Right click on one component, choose Change Axes. Click to set the origin, then the red, and finally the green axis.

Personally, I would just draw the rafter in the desired location and at the required angle, make it a component and set the component axes appropriately. Then the rafter is correctly positioned with less opportunity for error and with less work.

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