How to remove the drawing lines / pattern

Good morning everyone,

I am “building” my house in SU.
So far, so good.
I am now putting the ventilation pipes and systems.
I imported some of these objects from a 3D shop.
How can I hide the drawing lines that were used to design the object? any suggestion?

Thank you

Start at and learn the basics, including at some point you will read about soften and smooth edges.
Regarding importing models created by others, you better learn to draw them yourself and make them as low-poly as possible.

Thank you.

As far as learning SU, I have done few projects many years ago and I completed what I need for my new house in couple of weeks (I am only modelling some critical parts). I admit, I am learning on the go.

I am also doing the physical work I mean the real building of the walls, insulation, floor, etc.
So I don’t really have the time to model 50+ components related to the Zehnder ventilation system, neither to model all components of the Weishaupt geothermal heating pumps and pipes, etc.
When I find these 3D components on the web and if they fit my purpose, I use them. Reusability is a key productivity factor for me.

You’re welcome!

There are countless examples in the forum of people who import files without taking into account their size and end up with a model of hundreds of megabytes and millions of edges that they can barely rotate or sometimes they can’t even open.
You know best what is useful for you.

The advice to learn the basics first remains valid, because once learned well, they can help you draw shapes in SketchUp that are a little different from the rectangular walls and floors.

Basic soften and smooth for SketchUp Go (or SketchUp for Web Free)

Thank you.
I have gone through many SU training material (videos), I indeed did not watch “soften/smooth” one. If I see they load my model, I will follow another path.

So you are actually buiding your own house. :+1:

It’s actually better to check 3Dwarehouse components before you use them!
You should open them in a new file and inspect them for size in terms of numbers of edges and faces, unseen geometry which can be deleted and usability in your model…
This is a lot faster than making changes after your model becomes unresponsive…

Good luck with your house and please share your progress with us!

Thank you for the tip, I did not realize.
Yes indeed, doing all the construction, wooden house in the Alps.

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