Can the lines in model be deleted or softened in some way

Is there anyway to get rid of these lines in the model. When I apply materials
this is what I come up with, Also, when I paint my walls Sketchup paints the inside of the wall
too, is there away around this. And also when I downloaded textures from 3d wharehouse
all those textures seemed to have slowed down the model.
Thank you, Steve Z.

Multiple questions, only some of which can be answered for certain unless you upload the model. In particular, I’m not certain what those lines are.

When you apply a material to a face, SketchUp paints only the side to which you applied it. But if you apply a material to a Group or ComponentInstance, SketchUp paints all the exterior surfaces of that Group or CI. This most likely why you are seeing the inside of your walls painted too. Open the Group/CI for edit and paint only the outer side of the face.

Yes, having lots of textures and particularly large textures in a model can seriously slow SketchUp down.

You can use the eraser tool’s hide function and, while holding the SHIFT key down, go over the edges you want to hide.

U can hide all edge with stroke of 1 plugin : Hide all edge plugin
with that plugin u can hide the edge and u can c the smooth edges

View> Edge Style> (untick) edges

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Thanks CADcole,
That’s what I ended up doing. Styles menu edit Style.
Steve Z.

wasnt sure if you meant all lines or just some but cool :smile:

Well, sorry I am 5 or rather - 6 years late.
But, yes, you can delete those lines in the model, however, I will have to address another of your question first.

  1. The only reason why SketchUp might paint the opposite face of the polygon, is because you aren’t inside the model. You have to right-click the group/component, and click “edit group/component” and then you can edit the model. Sometimes, you may have to enter more than one (eg.) component to get to more groups.

  2. You can delete the lines with the “Eraser” tool, you just have to select the rectangular cuboid on the left panel

  3. And yes, downloading textures from the 3D warehouse does indeed slow down the model.

Notice how, although, there is only 1 material used but close to 50,000 polygons, the model still remains at slightly more than 1/2 of a MB.

Whereas, the model below only has 250 odd polygons, 24 materials, but takes up an insane 10MB.

However, you can “Purge” unused materials and get rid of them thus saving on storage space. Just go to the Materials tab, the left tab, the 6th icon from the top, the Cube with the European Emergency vehicles checkered design and click the “reduce, reuse, recycle” logo. Might also be smarter to “purge” some unused/deleted components in the components tab.

Sorry, for no images in the previous paragraph. It takes some time to find the images and school is starting soon…