How do I get rid of these lines on models I import from 3D Warehouse

Thes extra lines are on models I import from 3D Warehouse? I thought they were something with smoothing at first but then after playing around for a while and hiding some lines and playing with smoothing again, they seem to be extra lines on top of the models’ edge? And then a weird extra one through each face? How can I stop this from happening? Or get rid of them faster than using the eraser?
They are downloaded as a Collada file as from my understanding that’s what I should be using since I have Make 2017

This is the particular model in the screenshot above
model 3.dae (264.6 KB)

try this
else “CleanUp³”

Tried already but tried again and still nope :confused:

tt_cleanup-3.4.3.rbz (62.0 KB)

It worked! thank you so much!

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skp44F9.tmp.skp (129.3 KB)

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