How to: ramp which slopes down on 2 sides?

I’ve been trying to draw a ramp which is ‘sloping down’ on 2 sides (I mean, the lines from top to bottom are bend).
I don’t know the correct way to expalin in English I think, so I made a little image.
I want the slope to be curved from point A → B (that’s already ok, with the Arch tool);
How can I make an extra slope from point C → D ? So the ramp continues, but becomes lower as it approaches point D from point C.

Can anyone tell me a way to do this?
Thanks a lot!

Something like this?

Isolate the geometry of the curves in two separate groups, then push/pull them across each other. Then explode both and intersect the sloping surfaces with each other and erase the excess.


Dang it Aaron!! Do you have to make it look so simple? Now I feel dumb for having struggled with it at all! I hope you are happy with yourself!


That was a great and quick answer :slight_smile:
I’ve been trying with your information, and it worked for me but I’m not completely there yet, this is what I got now:

What I want to do next is divide this entire slope into 3 sections:

like below:

My only question remaining is: how can i divide that existing slope in 3 sections where the separating line is not going straight down (I mean: top line 5,5m and bottom line is 6.5m)?

thanks a lot so far, I got a lot further already :slight_smile:

Create some cutting planes and position them at the angle you want.
In this example I have created a grouped cutting plane and then copied it to create multiple sections.

Intersecting the terrain with the group cutting planes will create separations in the terrain surface that you can then texture as you please :slight_smile:


wow, I still have a lot to learn :smile: thanks so much for your help guys!

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You and me both brother! :slight_smile:

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