Help creating curving sloped path on sloped terrain

I’m a relatively new Sketchup user… modelling my architectural thesis in Sketchup with not quite enough experience in it! I have searched this forum for awesome help more times than I can count, but have never needed to post. I hope I’ve posted in the right place.

I have a complicated site, with terrain I’ve built from contours and paths that I have ‘draped’ via Sandbox (from imported dog files). Most are behaving as I want, but I have one path that doesn’t just follow the terrain slope, it cuts into the slope as well. i.e. it starts off level and then is retained by the earth once it reaches the bottom. I have tried Stamp with zero offset, but it doesn’t like it and does horrible things. I have tried CurviShear and CurviLoft plugins and the Shear works, but the Curviloft created a crazy surface.

Not sure how to upload the model. It’s 21mb, is that doable?

Thanks for any help you can offer, I’ve been pulling my hair out over this for two days!!

If your file is 21MB, you could upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive or WeTransfer, etc and share the link here.

Thanks. Managed to get it down a bit…
Site copy.skp (13.6 MB)

The path in question is the wider one sloping from the parking area. I’d like it to cut into the terrain by an additional 0.50 m.

Fredo6 JointPushPull plugin

Thanks for the reply mihai.s! Unfortunately, I want to keep the path flush with the parking at the start and slope down into the terrain from there, instead of pushing the whole path down uniformly.

Any way to do this??

I can create the effect I want with CurviShear, but the CurviLoft has the following result. Yikes!

With Extrusion Tools plugin

Thank you! I’ll give that a try. Could you possibly post a link to the plugin, I can’t find it in the extension warehouse?

TIG: Extrude Tools

3D model: SU2017-Site purged.skp (4.6 MB)

Thank you a million!!!

Any chance you know why I get this cluster of edges when I do it? They don’t disappear when I soften / smooth all edges.

You can solve the problem in several ways:

  • you can delete those overlapping edges and redraw some new edges to restore the surface

  • or you can use Curviloft to generate the surface and it should come out ok

Thanks again, you’ve saved me days probably!