New user - Need help with sloping surface

Hey all,

I am a new SketchUp user and am self-taught with the help of tutorials, masterclasses & the community!
I am a landscape designer and am currently working on a file in which the driveway slopes. At the garage entry the driveway is 200 higher than at the entrance of driveway.
I have tried using extrude and then the move tool to move the front down but it is not working. Any help would bed, I have included a screenshot of the area - the driveway has been extruded by 200mm and the arrow represents where it needs to be lowered.

Create an inclined plane and intersect it with the alley.

or with FredoScale extension


Hi Mihai, thank you so much for your response and so quickly too!

I’m working on your first example that you sent (creating an inclined plane and intersecting it with the alley). I’ve gotten the the part where I’ve just rotated the rectangle to create the angle of the slope I need however I am loosing what to do after that. I have included some screenshots of where I’m getting lost in your video and where I’m at too.

I cut (Ctrl + X) the inclined plane, entered the alley group (duble-click for that) and inserted (Ctrl + V) it in the same context. Then I selected everything and right-click Intersect Faces.