Need Help With a Garage Ramp Please

Hi - I’ve been playing around with this for way to long and am hoping someone can help! I’m modelling an underground garage with a concrete ramp. The top portion of the ramp is an 8" suspended slab over top a storage area. The remainder of the ramp down in to the garage will be a 6" slab on grade. I’m stuck on transitioning the ramp around the garbage room and then matching up with the trench drain at the bottom of the ramp. The model is attached and any help / advice would be very welcome.


Ramp Slope.skp (1.4 MB)

Is this what you’re after? Not that easy to know from description. The entire ramp from where you left off is 6". I kept the part of the ramp from the trench drain to the corner of the garbage room flat and began to transition up from there.

Thank you, that seems to be exactly what I was after! I always envisioned the slope coming right to the trench drain but if the slab can be kept flat to the corner and still retain a gradual slope along the remainder of its length then that works well. How did you do it?

So just finish drawing the edges of your ramp. Draw parallel from the trench drain until you hit the corners of the walls. Then extend the slope down from where you stopped to the corner. Then select all the lines and sandbox from contours.

Then go into the sandbox group and turn on your hidden geometry and delete the extra bit that filled in around the corner.

Here it is with that little bit removed.

Then, if you want ramp 6" thick, use FredoTools Joint Push Pull, specifically Vector Push Pull to select the ramp face and extrude it up or down 6".

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As you say, but maybe good to add a drainage slope towards the trenchdrain too?

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Yes if one actually wants to build this at the end of the day. I was just trying to get it to ‘visually’ work, which sometimes is enough :wink:

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Yes, it must drain towards the trench!