How to Push/Pull a pipe with an angle with vertical side face?


Hello there !

I have a reccurent issue with Sketch’up Make 2016 and I really hope you can help me. First, I’m french, so my english isn’t perfect at all. I’ll try my best ! :hugs:

The goal :

I need to make a pipe (or whatever) following 2 lines making an angle. In the end, I want to have 3 vertical sections :
- 1 in the beginning
- 1 at the angle (precisely)
- 1 at the end.

I tried a lot of process and plugins but I can’t find an efficient way to do it (I have like 500 differents models to create).

The questions :

 1 : Is it possible to do a translation in Sketch'up ? Roughly, a Push/Pull with an angle that would keep the faces vertical.

 2 : Is there a process or a plugin (free or affordable) allowing to do this in an effective way ? The only solution I found is the intersect with model, which is way too long to work on 500+ models.

Thanks for reading, I hope my english wasn’t too bad !


Have you tried the Follow Me tool instead of Push/Pull? Or maybe Eneroth Upright Extruder would do what you want. I did the following with it.


I tried with the Follow Me tool. The result was desappointing :joy:

I’ll try with Eneroth Upright Extruder. Your result is exactly what I’d like to get ! Thank you so much !


Follow Me is really doing the right thing during the extrusion process based on what it is designed to do. The correct setup is to have the profile set up perpendicular to the first segment in the path. Since you aren’t doing that, it is projecting your starting circle to be perpendicular with the first segment in the path. At the bend it creates a miter that bisects the angle.

Eneroth’s tool should do what you want, though.


Comme ça?


Yeah. But that doesn’t leave the ends and miters vertical as requested by the OP.


True but it would be easy to cut the ends with a temporary vertical plane.

I don’t see how you could have a vertical mitre in the middle. That’s not how a pipe would be unless the angles from horizontal either side were identical.


I agree but the OP says he has a lot of these to do so I can see why he wouldn’t want to have to trim the ends.

Again, I agree. Evidently that’s not the way he wants to do it.


Hey guys,

I finally found a way using a free-plugin called “projections”, allowing to project faces along axis.

Thanks for your help !


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