Pipe Faces


I have built a 8 wide 2 high duct bank. What that is is a qty of 8 six inch pvc conduits left to right and stacked up two rows high. I am trying to add 22.5 elbows on each one of the 16 pipes. how do I get the faces to all intersect correctly and at the right angle? using the protractor to get these lined up exact is extremely hard. ive tried to just draw the line and that doesn’t work well either. any suggestions?


Share you SketchUp file so we can see what you’ve got.


I cannot work out if you are intending to join the pipes in some way by using the elbows. However, it sounds like a job for Follow Me.


Maybe you can get some help from the plugin from The Engineering Tool Box


I cant upload the model it says its too large. as far as the follow me tool I need a 22.5 degree angle with a 60" radius


So draw that with the Arc tool.


ok that did help. I think I got the axis thing figured out with what I already have drawn. but ow I get a gap between the two pipes. any suggestions


You need to make sure the end segment in the path is aligned perpendicular to the face at the end of the pipe. If the pipe itself will be bent, it would be easier to draw the entire pipe in one go using Follow Me.


If all you want is bent pipe you could use Fredos radial bending or like dave said use the followme in situ. If you want a standard fitting you’ll have to model one or download one from the warehouse.

you can do the same to a segment of pipe and the resulting ends will be perpendicular to the path. If you are going to build the manifold from standard parts you’ll need to get the manufacturers design for the fitting…


Following on from what @DaveR has said, start with a couple of lines joined with your 22.5 degree bend at 60" radius. Then draw your pipe cross section. Then select the sections of line and use Follow Me tool on that cross section. Job done.

You may want more detail, as @mics_54 has suggested, but you don’t say.

Your problem may be that you are trying to join slightly mismatching solids together when it would be simpler and faster to create a basic framework to build the complete solid around in the first place.


how do I share this model that I am working on with you all


Using services like dropbox, wetransfer, google drive, onedrive, mega, … and similar ones.
Share the public link to the file from one of those services.


I guess I am dumb as a box of rocks. I have tried the solutions you all have poised to no avail. ive tried drawing the lies so I can use the follow me tool and I cant seem to get that to work either. I need what is drawn in the second picture this has kicked my tail



It would be a whole lot easier and faster to help you if you’d upload the SKP file. Or at least upload the pipes with your Follow Me setup.


I don’t want to discourage understanding the methods outlined here because this is certainly possible with the native tools as demonstrated.

But you might also look into TIGs Pipe Along Path extension if you are doing this often.




This is from the Engineering Toolbox: