Arc with follow me pipe to another face leave a crescent shaped gap, How to fill gap?

Newbie here.

Where the arc follow me pipe intersects the top tube, a crescent shape is left behind as the arc stops at the face. I have not been able to extend the arc, and dont have any idea how to fill the gap…

Any ideas appreciated!!

Follow Me is stopping where it is because it runs out of path to follow. Make the path longer so the extrusion is longer.

It might not be exactly right but you could also try extending the extrusion with Push/Pull.

Did you make the stepped cylinders groups or components as you were directed to do in your other thread?

I made the other pipe a group and then I was able to extrude the pipe. Ty for that.

I dont know how to axtend the arc beyond the face. To get the arc on the right relationship to the pipe face, I had to add a reference line on a plane across the surface to snap (I think that is what it is called) the arc to the correct point them play with it until it was on the right axis…Is there a way to extend that arc into the pipe?

You could probably get away with just adding a line segment with the Line tool.

Im missing something. I need to drill through that face to continue the line. All I can seem to do is put a line on the face. This is what I am ending up with

That screen shot is confusing so I can’t tell what you are looking at and I am not at my computer. Hide the stepped cylinders temporarily so you can work on just the curved part.

Never used hide, I think I saw it in the entity box. Ill play with that

Right click on the group and choose Hide.

I hope I can unhide this stuff!!!

Assuming you hid it and didn’t erase it, you will.

It doesn’t look like you made complete groups since you have unhidden rings.

I only grouped the larger lower cyclinder so I could extrude it. Should I have grouped the upper cyclinder as well?

I was not able to extend and arc, but was able to draw a straigh line. Ill extrude and see what that looks like.

Think about this thing as being made of three discreet parts, the two stepped cylinders and the curved part. Put all of the geometry for each part in a group so they don’t stick together.


Yeah. Now reverse the faces so white front faces are out.

I think you have to do the same on the lower tube, there seems to be a gap there too. :wink:

True, but I cant fix that one. Still working on it. That arc should come out of the pipe at 90 degrees but I couldnt make that happen. In reality they are ellipses, but baby steps here!!!



I deleted the arc and followed instr for “how to create an ellipse” to try to get an elliptical line for the follow me tool. I was able to erase most (not all) of the ellipse, but the follow me tool will not follow the line.

Any ideas??


When I try to get the follow me tool to follow the elliptical lineI created this happens…