Draw a piping system

Hi, I m trying to make some pipe work but when I like to make a elbow with follow me then it is not 90 or 45 degrees. Any suggestions how to fix that?
Thanks in advance

Follow me starts and finishes perpendicular to the first and last segment of a curve.
So make sure the first and last segments are aligned as you want.
A simple way is to drag a circle on axis, rotate it by half a segment, the use some edges to remove 3/4 of the circle leaving you with a 90 degree arc.
Use that for you follow me path.

Something like this.
GIF 21-02-2024 10-31-46 PM


When I need an elbow, I create a torus with the correct dimensions then I delete 3/4 of that torus.

Then I save that elbow as a component to be reused in any piping model.

Another possibility is to use the Engineering Toolbox plugin.

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Thanks Box its working.

It’s funny how watching my own gif I see some needless work, you can just draw one edge between the red midpoint and the blue midpoint without needing to inference to the middle of the circle.

I just tried that but the other way is good for me. Thanks. Please can you check my posting about the dimension tool how to set snap?

I just meant it is less steps to produce the arc.
GIF 29-02-2024 8-36-58 PM

If you mean the point cloud question, I don’t really understand what you are asking, and I rarely work with point clouds.

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