How do I make a pipe (cylinder) give an angle?

Hello, I want to make a drainage pipe give an angle. How do I do that? First I made a circle and then use push pull tool to give a foot height. Then I want to angle the pipe and continue further. How do I do that?

something like


Draw a line that represents the path the pipe will follow. Draw a circle at one end of the path. Select the entire path and click on the circle with the Follow Me tool.

An image to go with David’s description.

Oh, wow!! Thanks a lot. So easy and I was struggling for the last few minutes :slight_smile:

Maybe we could think of a harder way that uses more tools. :smiley:

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Or even a bunch of plugins like Shapebender, Curviloft, Vertextools, ExtrudeTools, Projections, JPP, SubD, …

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JPP for the push-fit collars…because it gives you loads more faces than using the Offset tool. :wink:

I’d do it that way! You could use Pipe along path (I think?).

Perhaps used in conjunction with: