How to properly setup Render Farm (RenderPal v2)?

Hi, I am too new for Render Farm using Renderpalv2. But I’ve given two weeks to present the project to the customer.
What I’ve done so far.

I have installed
On main computer -
Installed Renderpalv2 Server

On node (client) -
Installed Renderpalv2 Client on Node
Installed Sketchup on Node
In the Renderpalv2 Renderer Management -> V-Ray For Sketchup 2015+
Browse .exe -> Sketchup.exe

The node client has successfully connected to the server.
The node just simply open the Sketchup in my client (node) and not rendering with V-Ray/ any other plugins.
No error and no output.

Is there a script involved?

I am sorry for my limited knowledge regarding this. I hope someone could explain.
Any replies will be appreciated !

Step 5 on this page?

How many V-Ray nodes do you have?
V-Ray has its own swarm, no need for third party software…

aa thanks peeps for the response, it turns out that the script in RenderpalV2 is not updated for the latest Vray version.
If you anyone would tell, I would like to know where I could look for V-Ray ruby script syntax for Sketchup. I would like to script em but couldn’t found the V-ray ruby modules.