Sketchup / V-ray won’t connect to disputed rendering/spawner!

I have a problem, when I want to network render with V-ray, then Sketchup/ V-ray won’t connect to my spawner. An example: in my first render it was connecting to the V-ray spawner, but 10 minutes later it will suddenly not connect, with the same settings, here is someone who knows what it could be?
My workstation is connected to a small wired network, and my lap top which I use as spawner is connected on WI-FI.
Im using Sketchup 2015 Pro/V-ray for sketchup 2.0

My setup:
Sketch up 2015 pro.
Vray 2,0
Workstation HP Z420:
Xeon E5-1620 3, 7 GHZ
16 Gb RAM
Nvidia Quadro K2000

Kind Regards

Per Folmann

Hey denisroy!

Thanks for the quick reply :+1:
It sounds right, I’ll just try to see if there is a new service pack for V-ray.

Bedst Reagrds


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