How to print blueprint sized drawings?

I have been using SketchUp for a while to render floor plans for a house I am building. I have several saved drawings for floor plan, footings, etc. I would like to download the drawings to a zip drive and take to a print shop for larger format drawings. How do I go about that?

Use the LayOut application to put your model on drawing sheets. Export the sheets to PDF files and take them to the print shop.

Layout is also the best place to apply decent dimensions and annotation

Thanks for the response. I am currently experiencing login problems and have submitted a help to Trimble. I have been using the program weekly since July and suddenly cannot access it. Yikes

I have managed to finally gain access to drawings, kept getting an access error. I am now attempting to “put the model on drawing sheets”. I guess I don’t understand the language. I already have the drawings completed in SketchUp but I have never used the Layout? Did I screw up and now have to redraw everything? Or can I move files to Layout?

I think I just stumbled on to the way its done.