Need blueprints for building a garage

I would like to create detailed drawings for building a 2 car garage.
My questions are:
Do I need sketchup pro to make these drawings, for example site layout, foundation, rebar placement, walls, roof, siding, etc?
Are there current drawings in a library to start with?
And will I be able to generate prints for 18" x 24"?

I’m going to teach myself how to use the software but wanted to reach
out to forum members to get your feedback on these initial questions.

Thank you for your time.

Drawing the model of the garage can be done in either Make or Pro but it would be much easier to create the documentation if you are using pro because you’ll also have LayOut. You’ll be able to make accurately scaled elevations and plans in LayOut from the SketchUp model. Also, unless your printer can handle 18 x 24 in. paper, you’ll have problems with getting the prints direct from SketchUp. In LayOut you can set the paper size to 18 x 24 and export a PDF which can go to your local office supply store or wherever for printing.

You might find some useful components for things like doors and windows in the 3D Warehouse. No poiint in looking for board components, though. They are easily drawn in SketchUp.

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