Plotting your design in SketchUp Make

Do you need to purchase the Pro Version to plot your designs?
New to the program, sorry for the newbie question.


What sort of design are you referring to? Are you wanting to print to scale? How is it to be used?

Working on a Green House plan. It is taking a while to do as I just downloaded the Make version and I am figuring out the tools. Yes I would like to print to scale, but not necessary. It is to be used to give to a contractor to give me a price to build…

So you don’t really need a plotter. A Printer will will suffice. Yes. You can print from SketchUp Make. It is a whole lot easier to create plans with SketchUp Pro, though. It includes LayOut which is designed for the documentation phase. You would create the model and views in Sketchup and then send the model to LayOut for adding dimensions and other text along with other information you might need o relay. If you want you can set up LayOut for printing on large paper. Export to PDF and either send the PDF or print it.

I do AutoCAD in my day job, so I should get the swing of things quickly. I am thinking about getting the pro version for personal use as I am a wood worker hobbyist. Some “Free” programs do not let you print or have very limited features.
Just wanted to confirm before I try learning this program.

Thanks for your help Dave

Happy to help.

There are a few things that are very different from ACAD. For example Layers do not create separation between entities in SketchUp. they are used for controlling visibility. You’ll want to read up on using them before you get too far in.