How to Prevent Parts of a Dynamic Component from Scaling when Component Dynamically Resized

How can I prevent an entity in a dynamic component from scaling when that component is resized dynamically?

An example:

If I have a 12"x12"x3/4" board with a 1/8" radius around the top corners, how do I prevent this radius from changing if the board dimensions are changed to say, 24"x24"x1"?

You need to divide the “board” into sub-components so you can Move the radiused corner components instead of scaling. You can hide the edges and faces between the components so it looks like one piece.

You have to divide the board into a rectangular piece and a set of round edged pieces, and position and size them separately to keep the 1/8" radius from scaling.

Looking like this (if I’ve understood the shape of the board correctly):

Make a component of one edge (one along red axis, one along green, if the DC isn’t to remain square) then mirror them to replace the loose geometry on the opposite side.

Clean up any internal edges or faces, build your DC, then hide the edges where the pieces meet.

See this post for a conceptually very similar issue and the solution.

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