Radius corner box

hello. hope you are well,
Is here a way to change the radius of the 4 corner and the dimension of the box independetly with DC
i cant figue out how to do it.
Thank u for ur time
Have a nic eday

You can do it in the same way as Aaron shows in this Skill Builder YouTube video. Just replace his square corners with your radiused ones, and add a solid rectangular piece in the middle.

You could start from here…

Rounded corners.skp (28.2 KB)

Hide all the meeting edges when you have the DC working.

Notice how I’ve oriented the axes. Left and right pieces are mirrored, as are top and bottom, and all the corners.

Change them as you wish, but be aware that the DC won’t work if you change them AFTER you have plugged in the formulae.

Notice that I have deleted all the internal faces and edges, and left only components with surfaces that will be visible outside the finished DC.


Thank U SIR :slight_smile: