Varying subcomponent dimensions within a dynamic component

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i have been trying dynamic components and have a question - I want to vary a dimension within a subcomponent but I don’t want that dimension to be LenX, Y or Z of a subcomponent (the reason is that subcomponents are bounded by a line and I don’t want the line to appear - I have model of what I want but can’t see where to attach it on this forum)…is that possible



example precast concrete panel dynamic component.pdf (24.4 KB)

oops - here is pdf of what I want to do

any tips welcome

Have you tried hiding the lines that you don’t want to see?

could you upload your model with any attempt to build the DC, then will guide you

Here is a new model (and associated pdf) showing what I want to do. To solve the issue of the vertical dimension rescaling I started to create another subcomponent. I have also sketched a possible solution to this problem but it may create other line I can’t hide

any help grateful

precast dynamic model corbel.pdf (44.3 KB)
precast 3D corbel.skp (168.6 KB)

Why can you not hide the edges you need to hide? I’ve done it in components with subcomponents. Take a look:

Once you have it in a model, experiment with turning hidden geometry on/off, and drill down to the subcomponent levels. I simply hid the edges and faces where components meet to give a smooth overall appearance.

I worked over your .skp a bit:
revised precast 3D corbel.skp (169.1 KB)
I hid as many of the lines as I could. As far as where the “corbel” meets subcomponent1, I had to divide the edge of subcomponent1 - and you can’t simply divide the line because Sketchup wants to merge them.

So I divided the face of subcomponent1 into 3 faces by drawing lines across from the meeting point with the corbel to the other edge of subcomponent1’s face. Then I hid 3 of the lines that define that new space - the 2 I drew and the one that you weren’t able to hide.

So, if you learn the nuances of hiding faces, then your proposed creation of a new subcomponent - whose LenY is fixed, should do what you want to do – provided you carefully hide the correct edges. You’ll probably also want to hide the face where your new subcomponent and subcomponent meet - there will be a face on both of them buried inside the visible model.

Separate the object into simple controllable forms as per Steven’s post. However I believe the best method is to use outer shell on the forms to make them a solid single unit. Of course this destroys the subs and their DC properties. So one design the DC so that the outer wrapper is retained with all the significant data so that after the outer shell (and maybe explode) of the subs, it can be replaced with the original which updates to the current size and shape, In essence you are simplifying a complex dynamic component to a standard component that has data attached which can be reinstated or swapped if further change is required The pluses of this technique is that you don’t have to worry about hiding parts, your complex DC can remain in your procession in that you only share the simple form, there is significant memory saving (especially if the internal copy method is used in the DC), the simplified solid can be 3D printed and Reports are not full of “redundant clutter”.

You have created a scale problem, the overall dimensions do not match the grey ones. It is extremely important that there are no scale issues in the development process

It would be very hard to find the original scale and even if one could the other elements would not necessary be in sync.
Could you rebuild the component again, divide the form in groups of simple geometry then add formula making sure that all results match the grey values.
I have attached a file is a guide, name parts as you require.panel.skp (99.5 KB)
no need to hide parts,

Thanks very much to both of you for taking the trouble to rework my model…sorry I thought I had replied already. It seems the answer to my original question is “no”…I need to have subs to control dimensions of things. Ive realised from both your replies that I need to think a bit harder about what to make a sub…the way you both approached sub selection was much clever than my first go…so thanks

I didn’t understand the scaling issue that PC highlighted…I don’t know why sktechup reports for e.g. the 40.032 cm. I suspect there is something fundamental here…is there a special way of setting scales, is it the way I drew the thing, or some other issues

I also didn’t understand PC’s post about using the outer shell. Have you got an example you can post. If you look at my next steps below my DC is going to get more complex soon, so if theres a way to keep it simple it would be good to know

I am in process of rebuilding my DC based on both your suggestions (in between other stuff) …I’ll post it when its done. My next step is to introduce a window which can change shape and location…including being on panel edge to create a U- or L-shaped panel. If I use one standard DC I’m going to have some subs that are 0mm wide…does that create a problem or do they just disappear.

thanks for all your help


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