Hidden lines dynamic component

Hi, I need your help in using your great plugin S4U hidden lines,
I noticed this…created the DC of a pillar…I use the plugin S4u to hide lines
to have the best graphics, and exact…if I change then the parameters of the DC pillar,
the hidden lines of the first, do not follow the change of the parameters of the DC…you can rispvere this problem…
Thanks for the response…

Giuseppe - Italy

p.s. sorry for my English…use a translator
p.s. look at the png image attached to this e-mail from number 1 to number 6…

You need to upload the dynamic component, most likely the hidden line is not restricted, it is free to scale with the changes. We need the model to check whats going on,

Ok…thanks…I am attaching the file…


Giuseppe - Italy

p.s. the Dc is my initial draft as an idea of my own personal…
p.s. I changed the value “Height " Shelf” just to highlight the problem that happens…Pilastro_2P_Cop_Piana.skp (155.3 KB)

As I suspected, the hidden line is scaling so at times it is shorter then the visible part longer. It is best to divide the volume again into parts, top, bottom. Generally I use solid groups for these parts and hide the joins.
Its good to make all these parts solid so that outer-shelling can be used if simplification is required, see

Pilastro_2P_Cop_Piana.skp (181.3 KB)

I’m sorry pcmoor…but I don’t understand nothing how do you hide the lines and that rimangnino hidden even when the Dc is changed…assuming that this is possible without having to go in to program in Ruby Api…thanks

On each face which is same as its attached object within the group or component, double click to select face and lines, right click select hide.

Ok…to speed up the whole thing I found the plugin S4u…to make this work, but if after you change the DC, what is necessary otherwise it is not a pillar parametric…errors graphics of hidden lines reappear…already I used before what I say, before finding plugin s4u, but I repeat in one way and in the other, if modifici the Dc the problems that we are discussing…thanks…