Hiding lines in dynamic components

I’ve made a dynamic shaker style door and I want to hide the joint lines as in the screen shot. Hiding the line on the end of the rail works but hiding part of the line on the stile doesn’t work when the dynamic door is resized. Is the only solution to make square corner pieces and hide its connecting lines.

can use dynamic holes, refer to

in your case create the panel component then inside this make a rectangle on one side, make it a component or group that cuts, enter the component and push to same depth, then delete the front and back surfaces, Exit and then create a matching rectangle at the back( initially offset from the front so they don’t interfere, make that a cutting group or component, enter into and delete the surface. Exit and then align the front and back. Then work out your formulas

Scales fine with hidden lines.

HiddenLines1.skp (257.2 KB)

Thanks for the model. I played around with it and the hidden lines do scale your model. I’m still not sure it won’t work with my example though. I wonder if the lines that act a mitres keep the length of the hidden line to scale.

Hi thanks I’m not sure I understand your method although it does sound interesting I can’t get my head around it.

Learning by doing …
As long as the edge is inside the component and the breakpoint for the hidden line scales with the corner.

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