How to orbit model while still viewing photomatch?


I have an existing model, and i have imported a photomatch that has been adjusted accordingly. It all looks quite OK, but now i need to change the perspective of my model slightly to match the perspective in the photo.

Is there any way to orbit the model while keeping the photomatch visible?

No. Not unless you model a large face and apply the Match Photo image to it as a texture.

Can you share the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got? It might not require a change the way you are planning.

Hi Dave. Thanks for the help. My model is to large to upload here, please find it in the attached link:

Applying the image to a face as a texture definetly was not the solution here. I gave it a go.

Unfortunately that image isn’t really suitable for Match Photo. There’s no clear lines running off to two vanishing points. The edge of the quay where you have the red lines is okay but those lines are so close together in the image that they don’t really make a good reference to get one vanishing point, at least not very precisely. There is nothing for the green axis vanishing point, though. the edges you used don’t really point at the vanishing point.

You might be able to use the building up on the hill as a guide for setting things up but it’s so small, I think you’ll still have problems getting precise vanishing points and I expect you’ll have trouble orienting your model accordingly.

You might try importing a geo-location image of the area so that you can position the model correctly on that. Then work out some sight lines from your image to sort out where the camera needs to be.

Thanks you, Dave. I will just try to go back and forward between views, while relingking the model image overlay on top of the photo in photoshop, until I find a satisfying angle.

Since I don’t know where this is, I can’t easily make an example but I’ve done a similar thing using sightlines to sort out camera position from an image and the location snapshot.

bring the image in as a watermark to use as a guide


There it was! Thank you so much!