How to Open Pro Files in Free Version

How do I save sketchup pro 2019 files in a format that a person can open with the free, browser based version of sketchup?

Hit File>Save in SU2019.

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I dont know what you mean by this Dave - there is no option to save as a 2019SU file Because that is the version that I have. The free version cant read it anyways.

If you are working in SU2019 and save the file, it is by default saved as a SketchUp 2019 file. The browser-based free version will indeed open SketchUp 2019 files.

Here’s an example. This file was created in SU2019. I jut uploaded it to my Trimble Connect account and opened it in SketchUp for Web.

Oh really? I have another person that tried to open it and they couldnt. I have my sketchup pro models saved to my desktop, how can I open these files inside the browser based app?

Open the SketchUp Free, click on the file folder and choose Open.
Click on Add Model.

Click on Browse on the right side. Add the model file and then click Open on the right side of the screen.

Alternatively you could drag and drop the file into a current session and insert it as a component.

Thanks Dave!

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